We all like to think we can spot a fishing email from a mile away, but scammers are advancing their techniques every day. A recent string of emails has been received that are masked to appear as though they are sent from the receiver's Real Estate agent. The emails then included instructions for wiring funds (generally for a contract escrow deposit) to a false bank account. Once the funds are sent the victim has no recourse for recovering their money. 

Today an increasing amount of communication between professionals and clients is done via email, including real estate negotiations. For the sake of convenience it can be easy to forget the risks we take when using technology to send and receive our personal information. A good thing to remember is that any information requested by your agents, whether your social security number, tax information, or even the wiring of funds should be followed up with a phone call or in person to confirm the authenticity of the request before you proceed. I myself will never give instructions or request information of this magnitude via email. In today's technological world we can never be too careful.